Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Upline Workshop Creations

Hello. Wow, what a busy week this is with the upcoming Holiday tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to all! I have a nephew who was born on my 15th birthday, and he is in the US Navy. Well, I got word today that my nephew's air craft carrier (USS Ronald Reagan), reached its port in San Diego on November 18th safe and sound. They had been on their second tour to the Middle East. So, I have an extra blessing this year to be thankful for. I heard he was all grins when he saw his new baby girl (she was born while he was away) for the first time. He has 2 boys and one girl.

Ok, on to some crafting. My Stampin Up leader hosted a techniques workshop for all of us on Monday. This is something she does for us once per year. However, we know most of the techniques, so she prepared some interesting projects, and let us play with her Big Shot die cutter. I have got to get some of those die-cuts, they are too darn cute. Where the heck is that money fairy when I need her. haha.

This project was the cutest little magazine file replica. It stands just a little over 3 inches tall. We made the 3 x3 cards in the photo below to go in it. That would make a cute gift for a co-worker or friend. Well, I am being paged to go run erands, so I will be back later to post some of the other projects we made, especially those made with the Big Shot Machine!


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