Saturday, November 29, 2008

My First Diorama Card!

Hello. Its late and I can't sleep, so I decided to start a new post. I posted a little paragraph about my Nephew in the Navy a few days ago. I mentioned he was home from the war zones, well, I got to speak to him on the phone this evening. I was so excited to hear his voice. He is the son I never had. Ok, now that I expressed my awesome news for today, on to some crafting.

Well, at my upline workshop that I have been posting about all week, we made what is called a "Diorama Card". Yes I am sure that I was the only stamper left on the planet who had never made one before. I assumed something completely idiotic. For the longest time, I had been wondering how in the heck that you mail these 3-dimentional cards. Yes, just call me "ding-bat". Thank heavens my upline knows me well enough to say outloud as she is explaining how to make it, that it flattens down to be placed into an envelope, and pops back up when it is removed from the envelope. Duh! I was trying to picture this 3-D card being mailed in a small box, which to me seemed like a very big waste of postage. So, with that being said, please take a moment to laugh hysterically at me for being so dingy, then we can move on. .............................................................

Ok, so, here is the photo of the card. I am sorry, but I can't remember what Stampin Up set or sets we used, and don't feel like looking them up at the moment. Sorry about the bad attitude there. Now that I know how to create this interesting type of card, I will design one myself real soon and post it for anyone to see. If any of you want to learn how to make this card, there is a tutorial on a website called Splitcoast Stampers, which I am sure you have already heard of. If you haven't heard of it, the tutorials can be found under the resource heading at the top of the home page. If you are one of my local customers and want me to teach this at a workshop, just let me know, and we will get it scheduled!

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Lydia said...

I love this! And I'll confess too - I've never made one either!!