Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hit by the Papercrafting Fairy!

Hello. Wow, a friend of mine called me last week, invited me to lunch and said that she was cleaning out her paper crafting stuff, and was going to give me a FEW things. Notice I put a little bold emphasis on the word "few". Well, I feel as though the paper crafting fairy swooped down upon me, and yelled "Merry Christmas". It seems this friend is getting into quilting, and has decided to tone down her other hobby. I am reaping the benefits. I lost count on how many times that I said "wow" as I was looking through the boxes. I now have an endless supply of ribbons from many of the popular companies. I also have buttons, bling of several different kinds; such as sticky gems, glitter, and 4 of the cutest little bottles of non-sticky gems, magic mesh, some pre-cut/pre-scored shimmer card stock (I see some embossed silver and white snowflakes on those). I have micro beads, specialty papers, blank cards with window cut outs of several varieties, a paper piercing template with piercing tool and mat, a kit to emboss on metal sheets with rubber stamps (gotta educate myself on that one), some absolutely gorgeous flower stickers that will look great on cards or scrapbook pages, and loads of items to alter such as board books, wood boxes, large wooden clothes pins, wallet size photo frames (would make cute x-mas tree ornaments decorated and with photos in them). I am posting all of the photos below (hopefully), and I promised her that I would show her whatever I make with all of this, so I will be posting these projects as I get them done on my blog. I am blessed, that is all I can say. So, to Linda....I can't thank you enough, and I love you! everyone else, I will be back with something paper crafted as soon as I can. Lisa

Oops, how did that kitty picture get in there?Kidding, she was waiting for just the right moment to pounce on my ribbon.


CeltChic said...

cute blog! I'll be back. are you on ?

CeltChic said...

haha it didn't take much reading to answer my own question! Good luck! Your creations are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, you so deserve this. Hugs to your friend for finding a great home for these goodies.