Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What a fun way to launch my blog

Well, hello everyone. I am absolutely obsessed with paper crafting. It all started about 8 years (plus or minus) ago when my sister-in-law asked me to host a Creative Memories workshop since she had just become a CM Demo. Then, one of my friends invited me to a Stampin Up workshop. For years I seriously wondered why Michael's craft store had so darn many stickers. What the heck would anyone need all of these stickers for? Go ahead and laugh, I know you want to. So, after a few years of hosting and attending Stampin Up card-making workshops, my SU Demonstrator started bugging me to become a demo under her. Well, it took her over a year to finally talk me into it. I absolutely love being a Stampin Up Demonstrator. I meet great people (most of the time), and I get to share my love of paper crafting. Well, I found out about a little web site called "SplitcoastStampers" where people could upload pictures of their work, place comments on other peoples' work, get ideas and inspiration, etc. It was there that I found links to a few blogs of some super nice and talented ladies. Two ladies in particular have inspired me to start this blog. Becca Feeken is the first one that I ran across. Becca can be found blogging here. The second lady I found is Lydia Fiedler. Lydia can be found at here. Lydia has been the brains behind getting my blog started, as evidently I am lacking something when it comes to setting up blogs. Which brings me to my next point......This blog is still under construction, so if it is not fantastic yet, stick around, there is no telling what I can accomplish with my awesome blogging mentors at my side. Now, to get me started, Lydia has tagged me. I have to list 7 things about myself that are interesting. That should be a challenge, since I am so boring. haha. only joking. Anyways, here goes:

1. I have a nephew who is only 15 years younger than I am. He was born on my 15th birthday...pretty cool, huh?
2. Because my nephew is not much younger than I, and started his family young, he made sure I became a great aunt before I turned 40. Yes I am 40 years old right now. He has given me 2 great nephews, and 1 great niece, all adorable of course.
3. As you can see, I am very long winded, unless I am standing in front of my audience, then I turn shy.
4. My only child, a 9 year old daughter named Amanda Christine Atha is named after a famous sports figure and also a close family member. Amanda is after 1996 Olympic Team Gold Medalist Gymnast - Amanda Borden. Christine is the female version of my grandpa Christopher's first name.
5. My husband of 15 years, Steve and I were married on September 11th, 1993. We feel better actually celebrating on September 12th. How could we have known what was going to happen on that day 8 years later.
6. I often talk in my sleep, and according to my husband I also pat him on his back sometimes when I am sleeping.
7. Ok, I am stumped.......Oh, I have a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering Technology from the University of Cincinnati. However, I am currently not working in the Architectural field due to the state of the US economy. Bummer!
8. Ok, one more so I can see what it is like to be an overachiever........... I grew up taking Tap, Ballet, Jazz, and gymnastics lessons.

Now I shall tag some people who have some awesome blogs for you to see just like the two ladies I mentioned above.

Jennifer McGuire
Jana Millen
Becca Feeken
Claire Brennan

Sorry, I could only come up with 4, instead of 7. Now I am underachieving. Oh well, it is....what it is!