Friday, June 12, 2009

Lord Give Me Strength

because my daughter is having a slumber party tonight. Yes, I have 8 little girls (including my daughter) sleeping over tonight. I swear if I had a blood pressure machine at my house, my pressure would probably be up tonight. I have one child, a daughter and a husband that goes to bed early, so I am so not used to this much noise in my house this late at night. Even the cat came into the craft room with me to escape for a bit. Poor thing is so tired, I will bet she sleeps the whole day away tomorrow. Where is a bottle of wine when a mom is looking for it. Oh yeah, I don't keep alcohol in the house. Darn!

Well, I hope to get back to making cards tomorrow (Saturday), if I get any sleep tonight! Until I recover, blessings to all!


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chat text said...

Oh how we miss those sleepover days. Time flies by so fast and now both our girls are married! were did it go. But alas, we are blessed again with news that we are going to be 1st time grandparents so we have vowed to slow it down and enjoy even more.

Continued blessings to you