Friday, December 19, 2008

Sleeping Kitty

Hello. I had a comment over on Splitcoast Stampers about my avatar photo. The avatar is the photo that appears next to your name averytime you place a comment, or upload a photo of a card or other creation. I put a photo of my cat, Mittens while she is sleeping, and someone left me a private message about how cute my cat is. So, I thought that I would just go ahead and post some more photos of Mittens, just for the heck of it. Oh, if you thought my cat is cute, pop on over to Lydia Fiedler's blog. She often puts photos of her two kittens that she adopted, Maddie and Splotchy. Lydia, somehow manages to get the funniest shots of those two captured on her camera.

"Please hold off on kisses until naptime is over!"

"I think I had a little too much catnip"

"Go away, I have a headache"

"Go ahead, bask in my cuteness"

"Can I stamp too?"

"HA! My people will never find me here"

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Lydia said...


These are so great!!!!

I LOVE the headache one!!!!!