Monday, May 25, 2009

My Memorial Day Hero

My nephew (born on my 15th Birthday) is in the US Navy, and is stationed in San Diego on the USS Ronald Reagan Aircraft Carrier. He accompanied his ship 2 times to the Persian gulf, like many others leaving behind his children and other loved ones. Thank heavens he came home safe. The irony is that he recently hurt his shoulder while working on the ship while it was in port, and is on state-side duty from now on. He will be having surgery on it very soon. The second time he was away with the ship, he missed the birth of his baby daughter (London Jade). So, instead of a card today, I am proudly showing my favorite serviceman, at his homecoming and seeing his baby girl for the very first time. Thanks for visiting, I'll be back to crafting real soon.
Sean and baby London. Notice the big smile on daddy's face.
Betsy (Sean's wife) was glad to see him too.
Sean and his two older kids (boys) Tristin and Gage
Sean on the ship by one of the planes where the planes are stored.
They take photos on the ship of the crew from time to time and post them on the ship's website.
Betsy and London. Do they have gorgeous eyes, or what?


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Anonymous said...

I just want to thank my sister for this beautiful tribute to my son sean and his family. the sacrifices they have made over the last 6 years is un measurable in our daily lives.let us keep in mind the events of 911. for it was those events that spurred sean to enter the service to keep us all safe and sound. he will forever be my hero and I his biggest fan. a proud father or can ya tell. brian