Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My MiIitary Hero

I gave alot of thought as to whether or not to make this post, but in the end decided to do it. I am a very strong Episcopalian Christian, and believe strongly in the 10 commandments, so naturally I feel badly that the USA had to eliminate the presence of Osama Bin Laden. However, he was truly evil and I personally feel alot safer knowing he is no longer walking on the face of the earth. That being said, my nephew is among the many Navy servicemen/women that is working aboard the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier. The Carl Vinson is the ship that was carrying the Navy Seals that rid us forever of Osama Bin Laden. My nephew has been gone and away from his family for months and I felt that he deserved some recognition. So, thank you to the brave US Navy Seals, and all of the other US Navy personnel aboard the USS Carl Vinson, and especially to my nephew Sean for their service this week in ridding the world of the most dangerous man in the world! May you all come home safely to your loved ones and may God Bless you all!!
Here below is a photo of my nephew and his two youngest children before he left on his ship last Fall. We Love and Miss you Sean!!!!!!! Aunt Lisa

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Lydia said...

WOW!!! What an amazingly small world it is. God bless him and tell him he has my deepest gratitude!!!