Monday, October 5, 2009

Punched Doxie

If you have been following my blog for very long, then you probably know that I have a very super sweet Miniature Dachshund dog. Her name is Brandy, she is 15 years old and still feisty. We have kept up on her regular maintenance, fed her good stuff, and just all around taken good care of her. She sleeps alot more than she used to, lost some of her teeth and piddles on the floor sometimes (yuck), but other than that still has a great zest for life, and loves giving wet kisses. I have been waiting very patiently for someone over on Splitcoast stampers to come up with a doxie punch art thingy, as there are so many cute punch art thingies over there, but nope, no-one has yet. So I put my little brain to work and started punching out some shapes with my Stampin Up punches, arranging them on a piece of scrap card stock to see what might work together. The photo below is what I came up with:
Ok, I am back, and I adjusted the Doxie body to be a bit more slim. I am challenging myself here to use only Stampin Up paper punches, as most of my punches are from Stampin Up. The legs look a little long, but this can be easily adjusted by cutting off a little bit, or simply attach them more underneath the body further. Below is a chart that shows what punched pieces are used to put together this ultra cute doggie. The doxie head is one of the hearts from the Heart to Heart punch, and so is the ear. The doxie legs were made with the Horizontal Slot punch. The body and tail were both made with the Small Oval punch. The white lines are where I cut them, the pieces with the X's can be thrown away.
Here is a close-up photo of how I cut the doxie body. The small oval was too chubby, so, I put it back into the punch, moved it around with my xacto knife until I had it where I wanted it (as shown in the photo below), then punched it.
Now, for the tail, the discarded doxie body piece was too wide for the tail, so to make the tail, punch out a small oval. Then place the negative space back into the punch, line it up as I have shown in the photo. Make sure it is real skinny at one end (left side of photo), and slightly skinny at the other end (right side of photo), then punch.
The photo below is my real Dachshund, Brandy. She is my sweetheart!

I hope you enjoyed my punch art, I so rarely do this. If you have any questions, leave me a comment that I can respond to.

Until next time...............Blessings, Lisa


Lydia said...


I was all giggly until the picture of your sweet baby at the end and then my heart melted! You are brilliant!!!!

I love this! Did you post it on Splitcoast? I'd love to tweet it!


Busym1 said...

so adorable! I have a mini dash too!(her name is Sallyann) Her pic is on my blog, she is dressed for Halloween! Thanks so much for the cute project! hugs, michelle