Monday, January 12, 2009

My Throat Hurts!

Ok, I thought that once you had tonsils removed, there would be no more sore throats! I would scream out in pain, but that would hurt my throat even more. When I was 35, my tonsils had grown to such a scary size, my doctor finally said, lets get those bad boys outta there! I was so thrilled to be getting rid of them. See, I was born in the late 60's, lived childhood in the 70's, when all of a sudden doctors were saying it was bad to remove tonsils. So what if I was sick alot! So, I went through the agony of having them cut out as an adult. Now, whenever I have excessive sinus drainage down my throat, I receive excessive amounts of pain in my throat! At least after childbirth you have a sweet little baby to love. What do I get for enduring this?! Absolutely Nada! So, after I get to feeling better I will get back to stamping and blogging. Please don't give up on me; I have ideas in my head just waiting to hit the card stock. In the meantime, check out this absolutely gorgeous purple flower (Iris) photo that a friend emailed to me. Absolutely stunning! Nature is so gorgeous sometimes!

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