Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Flowers for Patti

Well, it seems that while I was posting last night, my step-brother's wife, Patti, passed away around 8pm Ohio time. So, I decided to post some flowers on my blog for Patti. Now I don't know what her favorite flower or color was, so I am going to go with my favorites. Patti and I were not close, but I have known her since I was a little girl. My step-sister (Jodi) and I grew up together (since we were 5 years old) even before we were step-sisters. My step-brother, Randy is quite a bit older than Jodi and I and was already married to Patti when Jodi and I met in Kindergarten. I can remember when their first child was born, and I thought how strange it was for my friend to be an aunt already. Years later, my parents divorced when I was 19. Then dad re-married to a not so pleasant lady I un-affectionately named my "Step-monster" (sorry dad). She died in her sleep of a heart attack, some years later. Then, my dad sold his house, moved into an apartment and guess who lived there in the same complex........Jodi's mom (also divorced). I practically spent my whole childhood in this lady's house playing Barbies with her daughter. Jodi's mom is the one who told us about the dreaded curse that girls get when they hit puberty. She was another mother to me. So, when she and my dad began spending alot of time together, Jodi and I began to joke about how funny it would be if they got married, then she and I would be step-sisters. Wouldn't ya know that is exactly what happened. It seemed so much like destiny, and I finally had what I considered to be a REAL Step-mom. A step mom who really loved me, and not just pretended to. We will all miss Patti, real and extended family. But, Patti was such a sweet, kind, & loving soul, I am sure she is in heaven looking down on us all and thrilled to now be Cancer-Free. God bless you Patti, and those that you left behind!


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Liz S. said...

Hi, Lisa,

It was nice to "meet" you last night on Lydia's webinar; I am so sorry to hear about the loss in your family. What a lovely post you wrote, though. Great cards in your blog, too.

Hope that catalog arrives at your door tomorrow!